Literary and Artistic Property Law

Copyright, applied to the world of leisure and entertainment, is immediately linked to literary works, music, artists.

SLM provides clients with services related to the negotiation and drafting of agreements concerning the edition, the commission, the publication and distribution of literary works, both on behalf of authors and publishers, at national and international level. In particular, in the publishing industry, SLM has gained particular experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for editions of various works, in distribution of publishing products and the related co-marketing agreements, in the promotional and marketing activities of publishing products, in contracts for the transfer of rights of use of literary works in  the cinematographic, audiovisual and television sector, in the new technologies such as e-books and interactive and multimedia applications.

SLM offers legal advise in the protection of the moral rights and of the exploitation rights of the literary work, in all issues relating to allocation of revenues of authors and editors, also by means of the Italian collecting society (S.I.A.E.), as well as in the disputes arising out of rights over titles and headlines of newspaper.

In the music industry SLM has developed a particular expertise in relation both to the phonographic production company and music publishing, both for the authors/ composers and performers. SLM offers its expertise in the protection of moral rights, in the issues arising our of the unlawful exploitation of economic rights and in all matters concerning the distribution of remuneration to authors, artists and producers also by virtue of significant contacts with the collecting societies of these rights (SIAE, New IMAIE, Its right, SCF).

As for the artistic sector, SLM provides clients with services related to the negotiation and drafting of agreements concerning the creation, the financing, the development, the production and the distribution of content, products and services related to the world of art, music and entertainment in general, on behalf of workers in the entertainment (actors, directors, writers, talent, models), management agencies, production and distribution companies of cinematographic, audiovisual and promotional/advertising works, natural and legal persons for the protection and commercialization of audiovisual format, barter society, conception, production and distribution companies  of products via internet and new media, event organizing companies (involved in the organization of  concerts, theater performances, fashion shows, events, exhibitions, etc.) and, last but not least, companies, not directly involved in the media sector, interested in developing branded entertainment initiatives.