Protection and rights of the human person

The Communications Authority has repeatedly focused its attention on the respect for individuals in the communications sector, also in the radio-television communications, by means of numerous guidelines  on the correct representation on television shows and in advertising (resolutions no. 165/ 06 /CONS, 23/07/CSP, 13/08/CSP).

SLM masters the discipline related to the protection of users, in particular children, both in the television and digital industries, on acconut, among other things, of the self-regulation code of  TV and minors which is to date applied by all public and private television companies.

SLM has also developed a particular expertise in the protection of legal interests such as honor, reputation and privacy against forms of aggression through the press, television and Internet, offering support in the assessment of responsibilities in libel cases, also with a view to obtaining a prompt reaction and to defining an  effective strategy of action.

SLM assists its clients working in the information sector, supporting them in the selection of topics and how such topics are communicated, in order to prevent violations of personal rights.